Knowledge Center

Further information such as the AMINONews®, AMINOTec® product information sheets, nutritional recommendations, Facts & Figures, white papers, abstracts and presentations for download below. 

Facts & Figures

Scientific DataFacts & Figures are scientific papers that present the results of trails. For those who like to gain deeper insight.   


LiteratureAMINONews® aims at translating scientific data and experience into practical solutions for our customers.  Our journal AMINOTec® addresses topics interfacing between feed production, feed mill technology and operations, trying to bridge the gap between the scientific world and more hands-on approaches.

White papers, abstracts and presentations

PublicationsThe  knowledge behind our products. Find publications of scientific articles in magazines, white papers, abstracts and presentations held in our knowledge center.   

Product information

ProductsAt Evonik, our focus is on maximizing the nutritional value of our feed additives by putting the essential building blocks of protein better to work for you. We offer the whole portfolio of amino acids and additionally healthy nutrition solutions.

Nutritional Recommendations

Boost your businessYour farming operation can be only as efficient as your feed conversion. Fine-tune your feed formulation based on our nutritional recommendations.