The methionine source specifically designed for aqua feeds, DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ features an optimized particle size to ensure maximum effectiveness. The highly concentrated nutrient boosts feed conversion and reduces waste in finfish and crustaceans.


Feed quality and production efficiency have a great impact on overall profitability in aquaculture. As feed is a major cost component, business viability depends on achieving the highest level of productivity at lowest possible feed costs. In formulating fish diets, protein is typically the single most costly nutrient, comprising 20–40% (by weight) of a commercially produced feed. This poses an increasing challenge, as prices for protein-rich raw materials such as fishmeal and soybean meal have risen to record levels. Cutting feed costs is not easy, as anything that compromises nutrient value can lead to impaired growth over the course of the production process. Since all feed sources vary in their amino acid content, adding supplemental methionine requires precision.


Methionine is an essential and limiting amino acid in diets for many aquatic species including finfish and crustaceans. For some fish and shrimp it is even the first limiting amino acid. DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ is the most effective methionine source for aquaculture feed available. The nutrient is not only highly concentrated, but also delivered in an optimized particle size distribution specially designed for aqua feeds. Supplemental DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ can reduce the inclusion of expensive and scarce protein sources by enabling you to meet amino acid requirements of aquatic species precisely. The result: improved feed efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ at a glance:

  • Supplementing with DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ improves your competitiveness tby lowering production costs without compromising performance.
  • DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ optimizes the performance of aquatic species including finfish and crustaceans.
  • DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ improves feed conversion and body weight gain.
  • DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ is a real amino acid with a purity of > 99%. Its particle size is adapted to the needs of the global aqua feed industry.
  • It is hydrothermally stable in aqua feed processing (extrusion/pelletizing) and has a low water solubility of only 3.3g/100 ml (minimized leaching).
  • Supplementing with DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ reduces environmental pollution by decreasing nitrogen excretion.
  • DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ significantly increases profitability, while enabling sustainable farming.

What's in it for you?

DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ is 100% available to the animal, enabling precise and cost-effective dosing. DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ contributes to superior weight gain, and ensures the best-possible mixability for optimum distribution and homogeneity in the aqua feed mixture with reduced variation. The smaller particle size also allows for better absorption and effective digestion by the different digestive systems of farmed aquatic species. In addition, its smaller average particle size saves energy and time during pregrinding of feed ingredients in the feed mill. Especially when used with Evonik’s expert support, DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ enables you to take advantage of the ideal protein feed approach. It translates into improved quality, less waste and smoother feed production. 

Product information on DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™