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Best quality, best performance and best handling - do not settle for less than the best. The essential amino acid methionine is among the most high-impact feed supplements for animals.

Growing populations, shrinking land resources: The challenge of meeting the globally increasing demand for milk, eggs, meat, and fish calls for decisive measures. Enhancing livestock performance with nutritional supplements is one of the most effective approaches science has developed. And the essential amino acid methionine is among the most high-impact supplements for animals such as swine, poultry, and fish. Available in dry or liquid form, methionine effectively boosts meat yield and business results. Dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is clearly the form of choice for best results: Directly digestible and 100% bioefficacious, it enables superior meat yield and feed conversion while offering easier handling and dosing.

Best quality

Nutritional supplements effectively enhance the growth and health of livestock such as swine, poultry, and fish. MetAMINO® adds.

Best performance

For optimum growth and performance, livestock such as swine and poultry need supplemental amino acids. Using MetAMINO® results.

Best handling

For optimum growth, livestock such as swine and poultry need nutritional supplements – especially essential amino acids.

Amino acids are essential – do not settle for less than the best

Why compromise on the quality of the essential building blocks of animal nutrition? You can count on dry crystalline methionine (DLM) MetAMINO® for consistently superior quality, purity, cost-effectiveness, and easy handling.

Pure methionine with 100% bioefficacy

Unlike liquid methionine sources, dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is 99% pure. It adds no unnecessary mass to your feed mix, resulting in lower metabolic stress on livestock. Thanks to 100% bioefficacy, our dry DLM MetAMINO® supports optimum livestock growth, meat yield, and performance. MetAMINO® not only makes feed optimization easier, it is also backed by an array of AMINO service concepts.

Lower costs, increased profits

The superior quality of dry crystalline methionine (DLM) makes it more efficient and cost-effective than liquid forms. And, thanks to Evonik’s AMINO service concepts and digital tools, you can easily calibrate precise methionine dosages for lower overall feed costs and higher productivity. Feed mills can reduce batch times and accelerate throughput for more profitability.

Easy handling and optimal mixing

Dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is significantly easier to transport, store, and process than its liquid counterpart MHA-FA. Thanks to its higher purity and bioefficacy levels, lower volumes of MetAMINO® DLM are required. It also mixes more efficiently with other (mainly dry) feed components. And, in contrast to liquid methionine sources, MetAMINO® does not form clumps or stick to machinery.

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