Enhancing animal performance


TrypAMINO® enables reduction in costly crude protein, while boosting livestock productivity. A 98%-pure form of the essential amino acid tryptophan, TrypAMINO® is especially effective in feed mixes with a high grain content.


With rising feed costs and economic pressure, an optimum balance of crude protein content in the feed mix is more important than ever. A wide array of factors must be taken into account when matching protein to the animal’s requirements. As the weaned pig, for example, accounts for about half of the variable cost in swine production, problems in the weaning phase can threaten profitable operation. Chickens have specific amino acid needs for ideal egg and muscle protein synthesis. Supplemental amino acids like tryptophan play a key role in addressing these challenges. 


Targeted use of TrypAMINO®, allows significant reductions in feed protein intake. The 100% digestible source of L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid that cannot be created by the animal, TrypAMINO® supports optimum protein synthesis. Scientific research and field trials demonstrate the effectiveness of tryptophan, which is typically the 3rd limiting amino acid in modern swine and 4th limiting in poultry diets, depending on species, sex, age, genetics and feed mix. It is especially beneficial in the starter phase of animals due to its positive effects on feed intake and weight gain. 

In poultry, for example, TrypAMINO® can improve performance by optimizing feed intake, reducing aggressive behavior of birds and enhancing immune function. In piglets, the essential amino acid supports wellbeing and growth during the critical weaning phase.

In addition to its nutritional-physiological function as an essential amino acid for protein deposition, tryptophan is also involved in various metabolic pathways. TrypAMINO® successfully contributes to the increased application of low protein diets, resulting into reduced nitrogen excretion and lower feed costs per kg body weight gain. 

Benefits of TrypAMINO® at a glance

  • Supplementing with TrypAMINO® increases overall animal performance and body weight gain for shorter production cycles, lower feed consumption and higher profit margins in commercial livestock production.
  • TrypAMINO® significantly reduces the variation of the tryptophan content in feed.
  • TrypAMINO® is a crystalline product, with a purity content of no less than 98.0% and is 100% digestible and usable by the animal. It frees up space in the diet, which in turn permits the use of other necessary cost-effective raw materials.
  • It enhances feed intake of piglets, since tryptophan is a precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which affects the appetite.
  • TrypAMINO® improves the digestive capacity of young pigs particularly in the post-weaning period, which reduces the frequency and severity of poor gut health and bacterial proliferation.

What’s in it for you

In TrypAMINO® you have a critical advantage in mastering the challenge of high crude protein costs and boosting livestock productivity. Its positive effects on animal well-being and healthy weight gain translate into significant and reliable improvements to your bottom line. By taking advantage of Evonik’s consulting services and analytical tools, you can achieve unprecedented precision in your feed mix. That means you can reduce your reliance on costly and volatile crude protein, cut down waste emissions and improve your environmental footprint.