Analytics when and where you need it

AMINONIR® Portable

Feed knowledge: precise and up-to-the-minute data on raw materials and finished feed may be your most valuable ingredient. The mobile analytics solution AMINONIR® Portable makes nutrient analytics easy.


With varying nutrient levels in your raw materials, cost-effectively producing consistently high-quality livestock feed can be challenging.

High safety margins may help ensure your formulations fulfill the animals’ different nutritional requirements, but are sure to undermine your profitability. The key to mastering this balancing act is strict quality control
of incoming raw materials and finished feed, yet lab analyses can delay production.

What you need is a fast and easy-to-use analytics solution that gives you the precise information you need – when and where you need it.


AMINONIR® Portable cuts out the guesswork about the nutrient profile of feed ingredients and finished feeds.

It uses a portable NIR device which is controlled via a Smartphone application and connected to Evonik’s online analytics platform.

You can scan samples, upload the spectra to your Web-based service interface AMINONIR® Advanced and receive a complete evaluation report within minutes.

All NIR calibrations are developed based on analyses performed at Evonik’s state-of-theart wet-chemistry facilities.

What's in it for you

With AMINONIR® Portable, you can swiftly and confidently make critical business decisions on your feed formulation and purchasing practices. And all of this right on the spot using near infrared (NIR) technology.

You get:

  • Evaluation of proximates and amino acids in feed ingredients
  • Evaluation of proximates in finished feeds
  • Data to ensure stable feed quality
  • All you need to know in one detailed report
  • High sample throughput at low cost

It all adds up to a significant competitive advantage – and more money in your pocket.


AMINONIR® Portable saves you time, effort and money. Carry out precise evaluations right where you are and without any sample preparation.

Directly scan and evaluate more than 40 different feed ingredients and finished feeds for broilers, layers, swine and fish, with reliability backed by our global network of qualitycontrolled labs.

Access your data via a Web-based service interface and gain deeper insights into the nutrient profiles and variability of your raw materials and feeds over time.

Last update 03.12.2020