AQUAVI® Pro-Pond

Removing nitrogenous waste from fish and shrimp farming pond water

AQUAVI® Pro-Pond, a multi-strain Bacillus subtilis based product, improves the living conditions of fish and shrimp while reducing the environmental impact of too frequent water changes.


The fast growth and increasing number of livestock per pond in fish farming has put huge pressure on water quality. Disease outbreak – usually linked to unstable water quality – has become a major concern in fish farming. It can significantly affect animal welfare and profitability.

This means pond water needs to be changed more often to keep the toxic metabolites and nutrient levels low. This takes time and money. It also wastes water resources and increases pollution, in aquaculture fields and the surrounding environment.

In recent years, worsening water quality has caused a huge financial loss to farmers. It is a major factor in delaying the production process. In addition, legal regulations about the discharge of wastewater from fish farms have become stricter.

Clean water is an essential resource for the sustainable growth of aquaculture species, including shrimp. Stocking density continues to increase, so does the challenge to maintain ideal, stable water quality for healthy livestock.

A sustainable product for improving water quality is therefore an important tool for fish farmers.

To keep fish and crustaceans healthy in aquaculture, the water quality must be right. Working with the Chinese company Vland Biotech Group, we have developed a probiotic product for aquaculture ponds, called AQUAVI® Pro-Pond. It removes the toxic nitrogen compounds such as ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite from the water.

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AQUAVI® Pro-Pond is a probiotic composed of three Bacillus subtilis strains. They were selected based on their outstanding ammonia and nitrite removal capabilities under a wide range of salinities. To ensure the product stability, AQUAVI® Pro-Pond contains the strains in the form of endospores with a total concentration of 1.5×1010 CFU/g.

AQUAVI® Pro-Pond removes toxic nitrogen compounds from the water and improves the living conditions of fish and shrimp.
AQUAVI® Pro-Pond removes toxic nitrogen compounds from the water and improves the living conditions of fish and shrimp.


AQUAVI® Pro-Pond improves water quality without the need for regular water exchanges. The pond water is cleaner and thus there is a lower chance of disease for animals. The health status of fish and shrimp is improved meaning a better-quality aquaculture product. The product is easy to store and dose with one package per pond generally being sufficient. Using AQUAVI Pro-Pond is more sustainable for the aquaculture farmer as they need less energy and water. This improves the competitiveness of the aquaculture farm through lower production costs, while maintaining performance levels.


Alfredo Bonfa, Director Aquaculture at our Animal Nutrition business line, will be happy to help you with any questions you may have on AQUAVI® Pro-Pond. Drop him a line, send him an email, or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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