What if...

...there was a sustainable solution for meeting the world's demand for animal protein?

Providing enough animal protein to feed our fast-growing world population has become one of the top priorities of our time. The challenge is to produce this protein in ways that sustain our planet—not drain it.

To meet this challenge, the global community must strive to keep its environmental impact at sustainable levels. This includes limiting greenhouse gas emissions and tropical deforestation. In other words, our objective must be to operate within the critical limits of the Earth’s biosphere.

One of the central planetary concerns is to ensure enough healthy, nutritious food for a global population that reached seven billion in 2011 and will already total nine billion by 2050. And going about it the way we have for the past hundred years will simply not work.

At Evonik’s Animal Nutrition, our focus is on contributing responsibly to the production of animal protein—in the form of meat, fish, eggs and milk—to feed the world’s population. We produce amino acids, the building blocks of protein, in addition to offering a range of complementary services to our clients. We’re also currently expanding into the probiotics sector.

We’re assessing our sustainability progress against three overarching frameworks: the planetary boundaries concept, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the human impact formula (IPAT equation). They serve to guide us along the sustainability path.

We’ve identified specific areas where animal nutrition choices can have a measurable impact: feeding the growing world population, the ecological footprint, overfishing, biodiversity and land-use change, freshwater use and food quality and safety.

As a global corporate citizen, we have an important role to play—both today and going into the future. Our products and expertise can help to sustainably provide animal-based food to the world’s growing population.

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