What if...

… we can no longer be sure of the safety of the food we eat?

The challenge

  • Globalization of food trade opens up access to new products and markets—but it also generates new risks, as recent food scandals have shown.
  • Consumers are increasingly aware and demand more information and transparency:
    • Where and how was the food produced?
    • What are the food ingredients and what are their benefits?
  • The demand for affordable food is rising, accompanied by an increase in the size and complexity of international trade, accommodating completely different needs and standards around the world.

  • The Evonik quality assurance measures begin with research and development, and run through the entire process and supply chain, ultimately impacting the consumer.
  • 20,000 analyses per year only for specified parameters, plus countless analyses for raw materials and in-process control, ensure that the process is contamination free and of the required quality.
  • Strict adherence to requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FAMI-QS, an international standard for feed safety management of specialty feed ingredients, ensures safe feed and safe food.
  • Although the quantitative contribution of additives to the compound feed is relatively small, Evonik takes its responsibility very seriously, and allows authorities, certification bodies, customers and neighbors to look over its shoulder.

What if...

Challenge accepted.

We contribute to food chain safety.

Our contribution