What if...

… two thirds of the world’s population suffers from moderate to severe water shortage by 2025?

The challenge

  • 90 percent of fresh water consumed is used in agriculture.
  • In arid regions agricultural and human consumption are in stiff competition. As a result, currently at least 500 million people suffer from fresh water shortages.
  • There is an urgent need to reduce water used in protein production in affected areas.


  • Supplementing animal feed with Evonik amino acids leads to a reduction in the required amount of vegetable protein sources, eg. soya and corn: fewer vegetable protein sources means a smaller water footprint of production.
  • Feeding animals with healthy, Evonik amino-acid-balanced feed eliminates their need to metabolize and excrete superfluous protein: less excretion means a smaller water footprint of production.

What if...

Challenge accepted.

We help lower water use in animal protein production.

Our contribution