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The global pork production is expected to rise by 10% over the next decade.  Put simply - more pigs will mean more N excretion. In a move to explore solutions to this dilemma, the FEED PROTEIN VISION 2018 was held in Amsterdam. Invited as speaker, Dr. John Htoo talk was related to integrated low protein diet concept to reduce N levels in pigs. These include using low crude protein (CP) diets with a net energy system, probiotics and fiber sources to improve gut health, nutrient utilization efficiency without compromising pig performance. Find the copy of the presentation here:

Say no to nitrogen - An integrated low protein diet concept by Dr. John Htoo  (pdf, 2.70 MB)

The Future of Sustainable Animal Production: Innovations in Management, Health and Nutrition - PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF ANIMAL NUTRITIONISTS. Read Dr. Andreas Lemme's abstract to get to now why the reduction of nitrogen (N) load in animal feeds and optimizing N-management is increasingly requested. 

Dietary Protein Reduction and Implications on Amino Acid Nutrition  (pdf, 215 KB)