CreAMINO® guanidinoacetic acid (GAA



CreAMINO® is the only supplemental creatine source for broiler nutrition. It plays a central role in the energy metabolism, particulary of muscle cells.


Creatine is a constituent of central importance in energy metabolism, particularly of muscle cells. More than 90 % of the body’s creatine pool is located in muscle tissue of the animal. The demand for creatine can partly be fulfilled directly from creatine, which is present in animal byproducts. In the body, creatine is formed by de novo synthesis through methylation of guanidinoacetic acid, which itself is formed from the amino acids glycine and arginine. In fast-growing animals, the demand cannot fully be compensated by de novo synthesis. It is estimated that around two-thirds of the daily need for creatine is covered by the body’s own synthesis, while the rest must be supplied through feed.



CreAMINO® is the best creatine source due to its outstanding stability in processing and high bioavailability to the animal. CreAMINO® is a preparation of guanidinoacetic acid granulated with starch, to match the handling needs of the feed industry. It is virtually dust free, free flowing and has outstanding handling characteristics.


Benefits of CreAMINO® at a glance

  • CreAMINO® is the new feed additive for nutritionists to supply the animal with the semi-essential nutrient creatine.

  • The active substance of CreAMINO®, guanidinoacedic acid, is an FDA approved feed additive (21 CFR §573.496) and may be safely used in broiler chicken and turkey feeds. 


What’s in it for you

We deliver reliable quality backed by decades of experience and continuous innovation of our products and services. CreAMINO® is an innovative form of guanidinoacetic acid, an amino acid derivative and precursor of creatine. Creatine is synthesized from guanidinoacetic acid in the liver, which in turn is synthesized from arginine and glycine in the kidneys. Due to the fact that creatine is not stable under today’s feed manufacturing conditions, Evonik offers the precursor of creatine, guanidinoacetic acid, under the label CreAMINO®. Take advantage of unsurpassed knowledge, experience and scientific accuracy.  


Product information on CreAMINO®

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