One small trial. One giant leap for your methionine savings.

Optimal animal nutrition is all about making the right decision.


Why compromise on the quality of the essential  building blocks of animal nutrition? You can count on dry crystalline methionine (DLM) MetAMINO® being fully digestible and 100% bioefficacious. It enables superior meat yield and feed conversion while offering easier handling and dosing. This means that you'll benefit from consistently superior quality, purity, cost-effectiveness, and easy handling.


Scientific studies have proven that on average the bioefficacy of MHA-FA is only 65%, while the bioefficacy of DLM is 100%. With PROXYMet™, you can easily verify the facts for yourself. PROXYMet™ isn’t just another product. It’s MetAMINO®, but it’s mixed with 35% limestone to achieve the same bioefficacy of MHA-FA: 65%. Now you can compare the results of PROXYMet™ with the results of MHA-FA directly in your livestock operation.

Tangible Results
PROXYMet Hühnerstall

Step 1

We’ll set up a test run in your commercial operation  under real conditions, with PROXYMet™ provided free of charge. Simply replace the liquid MHA-FA with PROXYMet™, one to one. Everything else stays the same: the same feed composition, the same diet specification, the same  procedure.

PROXYMet Hühnervergleich

Step 2

In one production cycle, you’ll see the same animal performance as before. This means that with PROXYMet™ -  containing just 65% MetAMINO® -  you’ll receive the same nutritional value as you get from 100% MHA-FA. This proves that on average the bioefficacy of MHA-FA is 65% relative to MetAMINO®.

PROXYMet Nutritional Value


Thanks to its 100% bioefficacy, MetAMINO®  supports optimal livestock growth, meat yield,  and performance. Its superior quality makes it  more efficient and cost-effective than liquid forms.  It's significantly easier to transport, store, and  process than its liquid counterpart MHA-FA.

Start your PROXYMet™ test run today!

PROXYMet Gühbirne

Getting started is as easy as one, two, three: Contact  your local Evonik expert, get implementation support, conduct the free trial, and see the advantages of MetAMINO® for yourself. We're sure that you’ll be convinced.  We even give you a warranty. So make a complete switch to MetAMINO® , achieve optimal results, and realize lasting savings.