A winning combination

added value

Customers ordering our product receive more than a product – we offer a combination of targeted services, digital tools and products. Our experts are at your side with specialized knowledge and experience to help unlock the full value. We maintain offices in more than 60 countries. Evonik scientists stay in close contact with universities, research institutes and other members of the scientific community. And share their knowledge in scientific papers and trainings.

We have 13 labs on 5 continents that provide NIR and wet chemistry services, placing leading analytical capacity for essential amino acids at your disposal. This gives you the advantage of fast and convenient assessments of the components of your raw materials and their quality – key information in formulating the best diet for a given animal. To enable you to implement low protein concepts, we offer the whole portfolio of amino acids. And additionally healthy nutrition solutions.

Since micro ingredients are relatively expensive, we have developed handling solutions which allow accurate dosing to avoid waste whilst making sure through our services that the animal receives the exact level of amino acids which the species in its growing phase needs.

With plants on three continents and over 50 warehouses worldwide, we can deliver reliably – on time and in the right quantity. Count on us, not only for an excellent product, but for a whole package that adds up to best results.