From shrimp and fish to poultry and pigs, an ideal amino acid mix benefits growth, well-being and profitability across livestock sectors. ValAMINO® is a highly effective source of the essential amino acid valine – and a key component in precise protein diets.


Regardless of which area of livestock production you are in, the biggest challenge is achieving highest-possible productivity at lowest-possible costs. Valine is an essential and limiting amino acid in diets for poultry and swine. In typical diets for pigs, valine becomes the fifth limiting amino acid after lysine, threonine, methionine and tryptophan. For broilers, valine is usually the fourth limiting amino acid after methionine, lysine and threonine in vegetable diets. Without adequate levels of these amino acids, commercial farming cannot reach maximum profitability.  


In response to increasing feed costs and pressure to reduce excretion of nitrogen, reduced protein diets for piglets, growing pigs as well as broilers and layers are applied, showing a considerable deficiency in valine. This deficiency can perfectly be countered by using ValAMINO®. 

In response to increasing feed costs and pressure to reduce excretion of nitrogen, reduced protein diets have been developed for piglets and growing pigs as well as broilers and layers. However, these diets show a considerable deficiency in valine, which serves a variety of vital functions in livestock. To fill this gap, Evonik has developed ValAMINO®. The nutrient, L-valine feed grade, is produced by a patented fermentation process using modern biotechnology and specially selected high-performing micro-organisms. ValAMINO® is ecological, sustainable, safe and identical to L-valine occurring in nature.

Benefits of ValAMINO® at a glance 

  • ValAMINO® significantly improves animal performance for broilers, layers, pigs, fish and shrimp.
  • It is an efficient tool to reduce feed and production costs by lowering dietary protein levels and boosting feed conversion. It increases body weight gain and improves breast meat yield in broiler production.
  • ValAMINO® is a real amino acid that consists of > 98 % L-valine. 
  • It optimizes healthy development of the digestive tract, supporting efficient feed digestion through improved intestinal structure and function. 
  • Supplementing with ValAMINO® enhances the utilization of available amino acids for optimum body protein deposition.
  • ValAMINO® provides superior dosing and handling properties, as its good flowability makes it easy to mix in feed at any time during the mixing process.
  • Supplementing with ValAMINO ® enables you to address sustainability issues, as it lowers dietary crude protein levels, which reduces water intake and urine excretion of animals by up to 25% and 50% respectively. That means less manure, less ammonia in the air and less nitrate in groundwater. 

What’s in it for you

ValAMINO® enables you to significantly reduce feed costs while at the same time enhancing productivity, safeguarding animal well-being and lowering harmful emissions. It is easy to handle and integrate into your feed mix. With expert support and analytical tools from Evonik, you can take advantage of modern nutrition concepts like ideal protein and low protein diets coupled with the supplementation of next limiting amino acids including valine.



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