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Analytical services

One data source, different needs met

Different raw material sources, varying availability, price volatility – producing consistent feed that meets animal needs and hard business targets at the same time is an ongoing challenge. Feed formulators, purchasing departments and quality control each have individual tasks, and coordination is not always easy. But they all have one thing in common: they need accurate and readily available analytical results to achieve their goals. Evonik’s analytical services give you all the answers – quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.


AMINOInsight® allows to quickly identify the values which are hidden in large data sets of feed ingredients. It enables to easily recognize if the quality of a feed ingredient is changing over time or if the quality of a certain supplier is superior. Feed ingredient costs are the main cost position in feed milling and animal production. Thus, it is of eminent importance to control the feed ingredient quality and to evaluate the different sourcing options in order to stay profitable. Furthermore AMINOLab® supports quality control by analyzing total and supplemented amino acid contents in finished feeds and premixes.


AMINOLab® analytics is a powerful tool for raw material evaluation and selection and thus helps purchasers to make the right decisions. Supporting accurate least cost feed formulation and quality control in feed and livestock production are on the list of advantages for nutritionists, quality control and livestock production managers using AMINOLab® results. The amino acid variability in key ingredients can be reduced and thus amino acid specs in complete feeds need lower safety margins.


Evonik has developed specific calibrations for the prediction of crude protein, dry mater, essential, and non-essential amino acids for all major feed ingredients. The basis of AMINONIR® is a large and diverse set of samples of global origin. The advantages of  AMINONIR® are easy sample preparation, speed and low operating costs. AMINONIR® offers the opportunity to do extensive raw material screening programs at moderate cost. 



AMINONRG® allows quick and reliable estimates of important energy levels – such as Gross Energy, Apparent Metabolisable Energy AMEn for poultry, Digestible Energy, Metabolisable Energy and Net Energy for growing pigs and sows – in raw materials, as well as Gross Energy and Apparent Metabolisable Energy AMEn in broiler, turkey, duck and layer feed.


AMINOProx® applies near-infrared technology to predict nutrients from proximate analysis and phosphorus in feed raw materials, as well as in broiler, turkey, duck and layer feed.

AMINORed® 2.0

Deeper understanding of soya products and a precise evaluation of their quality allows a more accurate feed formulation and thus a more consistent livestock performance over time. This will decrease safety margins and will enable better purchasing decisions. Using NIR analytics to estimate the Processing Conditions Indicator (PCI) of a soy sample via our AMINORED® 2.0 service will offer a fast, reliable and handy solution.