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Nutrition Targets

Feed and nutrition represent the single largest portion of cost in producing animal protein. Setting the nutritional targets is the starting point of any cost-efficient feed formulation. 

Protein is the most costly nutrient in any diet and deserves specific attention. Evonik’s team of nutritionists specialize in research and development of information, concepts and tools to support producers. The exact amino acid recommendation can be determined using our AMINO® software solutions, as each tool enables nutritionists to simulate various production environments, targets and life stages. Thus, using our AMINO® software solutions helps to maximize profitability and to manage risk.

AMINODat® 5.0

AMINODat®5.0, the most comprehensive and up-to-date nutritional database of feed ingredients in the world, comprises data from more than 140 feed ingredients actually used by the feed industry. With more than 530,000 analytical results, AMINODat®5.0 provides you the information edge.


A software tool predicting optimum digestible amino acid contents in poultry feed based on input variables set by you. It employs a completely revised set of scientific data and includes an additional feature which allows you to calculate optimum dietary amino acid contents based on the methionine source, its supplementation rate and the nutritional value.


AMINOPig® software tool provides the amino acid and energy recommendations for growing pigs. You have the possibility to simulate your particular production conditions by selecting the genetic lean gain, sex and body weight of the pigs and the dietary net energy (NE) content.


AMINOCow®, an easy to use and powerful tool for dairy cow ration formulation and evaluation to support amino acid balancing with Mepron®, the rumen protected methionine.


These software tools provide quick and easy amino acid recommendations for growing aquatic animals by simulating production scenarios, which are based on various features to optimize your feed mix for cost-effective production.