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aminoDat® 5.0

Deep and broad feed ingredient analysis on a global scale – at your fingertip.


Feed and nutrition represent the single largest portion of cost in producing animal protein. The tough challange is to formulate a cost-efficient diet with an amino acid content that fullfills the animal’s needs. Screening and monitoring of incoming raw materials for feed formulation is therefore indespensable to meet that target. 


AMINODat® 5.0, the most comprehensive amino acid database in the world, is designed to help you meet that challenge. It comprises the results of more than 28,000 (HPLC) complete amino acid analyzes of feed ingredients from all over the world. AMINODat®5.0 provides amino acid profiles, respective regression equations and amino acid recommendations for different species. This database is constantly updated, covers 130 feedstuffs and is the perfect tool to optimize feed formulation and benchmark the incoming feed ingredients.

Benefits of AMINODat® 5.0 at a glance

  • Using AMINODat® 5.0, you will take advantage of most up-to-date data, as it contains data of all samples collected within past five years. 
  • AMINODat® 5.0 includes the most relevant analyses based on over 140 raw materials actually used by the feed industry.
  • It provides the widest scope within the industry, as it includes over 21 000 samples from all over the world and is based on over 530 000 results.
  • AMINODat® 5.0 is the most comprehensive database of digestibility coefficients, as it includes updated and expanded coefficients for pigs and poultry
  • In addition to mean values, AMINODat® 5.0 includes information about the minimum, the maximum, the number of samples analyzed and the coefficient of variation –because these values make the difference.

What's in it for you?

First introduced in 1997, AMINODat® is now recognized worldwide as the reference database for the amino acid composition of feed ingredients. From the initial version to today’s AMINODat® 5.0, the constant has always been a painstaking pursuit of precision. Carefully collected by our own global team, the samples that make up our database undergo wet chemical analysis according to international standard methods. What follows is thorough evaluation by an expert team. That is why you can depend on AMINODat® for the best available information on the amino acid composition of feed ingredients. 

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  • more than 720 feed ingredients
  • a global basis
  • a country-specific basis
  • a quality-specific basis

AMINODat® Gold

AMINODat®5.0 Gold is an interactive application designed to support the optimization of amino acid nutrition in feed operations. Designed for tablets, it is available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. 

It is intuitive and easy to use. Redesigned from scratch, the set up enables you to easily compare and rank feed ingredients. With the powerful fi lter function, you can drill down to just the information you’ve been looking for. AMINODat® 5.0 Gold provides data on 140 most important feed ingredients on a global basis. 

AMINODat® is a very useful tool to get quick feedback on the amino acid content of animal diets. Using the ‘Diet evaluation’ functionality in combination with 76 ready-to-use species and phase-specific amino acid recommendations, you can easily determine whether the amino acid content of a diet fullfills the animal’s needs and if the amino acid pattern is balanced.

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AMINODat® 5.0 Platinum

AMINODat®5.0 Platinum is the outstanding premium version. It is available only via our global sales force to our partners as a book in combination with an interactive software application. 

AMINODat® 5.0 Platinum delivers data which is representative of your country and representative for the quality available in your market. This is just one of the reasons why AMINODat®5.0 Platinum is the reference for today’s feed ingredient composition. AMINODat®5.0 Platinum provides data on: 

In addition to the functionalities of AMINODat® 5.0 Gold, the Platinum version works with highly accurate regression equations for predicting the amino acid content of feed ingredients. This allows you to easily customize feed ingredients to your needs and to gain the full benefit from other functionalities within AMINODat®5.0, such as diet evaluation.