Through our services the animal receives what it needs


Determine the amino acid profile of feed raw materials and select the most cost-effective ingredients.

As climatic conditions as well as post-harvest processing impact the nutritional profile of feedstuffs, precise analyses of raw materials are key to meeting the nutritional targets. Every species is unique and has its own nutritional requirements, depending on life stage and production system which needs to be taken into account. And last, there is a need of optimized handling of supplemental amino acids to use every gram of the product and to receive an homogeneous mix within the feed.

Our added value

  • NIR and wet chemistry services on a large scale, analyzing more than 700.000 ingredient samples yearly.
  • Fast and reliable results due to more than 20 years of experience in amino acids calibration development.
  • Best-in-class quality control: Outlier detection, ring tests and performance checks.
  • Most accurate and comprehensive database of the most common feed ingredients.
  • Species calculator to composite the best diet for the animal depending on its growing phase needs.
  • Ensure an homogenous distribution of amino acids within the feed mix.
  • Benefit from precise dosing and use every gram of amino acids.


Precise analysis of raw materials is essential for high feed quality. Evonik offers three tools to support the process: AMINONIR®, AMINOProx® and AMINONRG®. Your benefit: quick calculations of nutrients and accurate estimations of energy content in feed raw materials. 


Nutritionists can accurately design feeds only if they know the animal’s needs at different growth phases and the composition of each feed ingredient. For all major species, Evonik offers specific calculators with AMINODat® 5.0.

Handling Solutions

Feed is more effective if ingredients are accurately dosed and homogeneously mixed. Evonik’s dosing system AMINOSys® helps ensure quality while allowing narrower amino acid safety margins for lower cost. More than 600 AMINOSys® customers worldwide can attest to its effectiveness.