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World Egg Day: Evonik celebrates the world egg day in South Africa!

Evonik Animal Nutrition who is a sponsor of the “Macubeni Chicken Farm” project in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, held their second World Egg Day event on Saturday 13 October 2018 in South Africa. Since “the children are our future” – and they are the target audience for nutritional education, the chosen venue was “Mac’s Farmyard” south of Johannesburg where 47 children were entertained and fed. The event was opened with a welcome by Cuthbert Mamabolo, Business & Marketing Director SSA followed by a presentation by Natasha van Niekerk, Technical Manager South Africa. With the formalities done, the children were given T-shirts with the logo “The perf-egg meal” printed on and then the fun & games began, including an egg and spoon race and a BBQ. “Evonik is committed to hosting this event annually to continue to uplift underprivileged communities and combining it with an “Evonik Africa Family Day” in association with Utho Ngathi” says Heinrich Ruth, Vice President MEA NC-AN. The event ended with a closing speech by Rendani Nthangeni from Utho Ngathi who thanked Evonik and their employees and their families for their ongoing commitment and support.  

The World Egg Day initiative began in Austria in 1996 and every year since then, in October, countries all around the world celebrate the day. With an estimated 1 billion underfed and undernourished people across the world, the aim is to educate people that eggs are an excellent, affordable and alternate source of high quality protein, with the potential to feed the world.