Products and solutions for livestock farming

With an eye on essential nutrition, sustainability, and digitization, you get science-based system solutions, not simply chemical products, to better international livestock farming. 

From farm to fork: the future of livestock production begins here

Better feed for better food: the science of animal nutrition is one of the keys to efficient and sustainable livestock production. And our cutting-edge feed additives, services and software solutions play an essential role in this production process. Our proven holistic approach consistently supports superior feed conversion, animal welfare and profitability.

Through decades of experience in animal nutrition, deep understanding of customer requirements, scientific expertise, and global presence we provide you with knowledge-based system solutions for your sustainable and efficient production of meat, fish, eggs, and milk.

You get from us more than just our products: amino acids, functional feed additives, feed quality assessmentfarm management, and fertilizers. We holistically support you in mastering the interactions of animal nutrition, animal health and animal farming.

Livestock farming solutions from farm to fork.
Livestock farming solutions from farm to fork.

Products & Solutions

AQUAVI® Met-Met - DL-methionine for aquaculture

Biolys® - L-lysine

Mepron®- Rumen-protected DL-methionine

MetAMINO® - DL-methionine

ThreAMINO® - L-threonine

Ecobiol® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

Ecobiol® Fizz - water-soluble probiotic for gut microbiota management

Fecinor® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

GuanAMINO® - creatine source guanidinoacetic acid (GAA)

GutCare® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

GutPlus® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

K-Pron® - potassium source

ProPhorce™ - butyric acid

Analytics - precise analysis of animal feed raw materials

Nutrition - nutritional concepts for all major species

Handling Solutions - storage, conveying and dosing of feed additives

AQUAVI® Pro-Pond - probiotic for water remediation in aquaculture

ASPERIX®- hydrogen peroxide against sea lice infestation in aquaculture

OPTIfarm - real-time and remote precision support and optimization service for poultry farmers

Porphyrio® self-learning algorithm to optimize production processes of poultry farmers

ScreenFloX® - early-warning system and control mechanism for gut health measures in poultry

VIGOROX® -  peracetic acid disinfection for aquaculture and seafood processing equipment

AgraLi® - low chloride potash fertilizer

blueSulfate® - nitrate-free liquid fertilizer

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