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We’re sciencing the global food challenge because it’s all about life

The greatest global challenge is to ensure food security. Eight billion human lives depend on it. However, it matters how we source animal protein.

Because it’s all about life

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to act with exceptional care: We need to increase food safety and security, while improving animal health and welfare and reducing the ecological footprint of animal farming. There is only one way to do it right: using science. Only well thought-through, evidence-based solutions can establish a truly sustainable and secure food supply.

Because it's about you - our customers!

Our planet needs us to do more with less

Livestock farming affects wildlife – either directly or indirectly. Eutrophication, water and land use, and biodiversity are as important as animal welfare. With the help of science, we’re making land use more efficient, reducing the need for deforestation and monoculture, maintaining biodiversity, and reducing fertilizer and freshwater use. Our sustainable farming solutions not only enhance growth and animal health but also reduce reliance on natural resources. That’s why we are sciencing the global food challenge.

Animal welfare is about more than just livestock

Everything we do has an impact on our environment. How we source animal protein affects animals, humans and the entire planet. It affects life itself. We need to do more with less to reduce our ecological footprint while ensuring food security, food safety, and animal welfare. This complex set of challenges requires science and a holistic approach. That’s why we are sciencing the global food challenges.

Ensuring food security for all of us

Animal protein is a popular part of the human diet. Providing enough affordable animal protein for eight billion people is a challenge. An even greater challenge is how to respect the health and welfare of animals and ensure responsible use of antibiotics, while protecting our environment. How we source animal protein affects animals, humans and the planet. It affects life itself. There is only one way to do it right: using science.

How we science the global food challenge

We are experts in the field of animal nutrition and we are aware of the challenges that lie ahead of us as humanity. We have a strong desire to improve current practices in the production of animal protein across the globe. We know what we are doing, because our knowledge is based on science and many decades of experience. We help our partners to be successful by offering them system solutions comprising  a unique combination of products, services and knowledge. Our partners know that they can rely on us in whichever part of the world they operate.

At Evonik Animal Nutrition we know who we are, how we are different from other companies, and why we work hard to science the global food challenge. Because it’s all about life.

Because it's about you - our customers

Through decades of experience in animal nutrition, deep understanding of customer requirements, scientific expertise, and global presence we provide you with knowledge-based system solutions for your sustainable and efficient production of meat, fish, eggs, and milk.

You get from us more than just our products: amino acids, functional feed additives, farm management solutions, feed quality services, and plant nutrition fertilizers. All combined into customized system solutions for your specific requirements. We holistically support you in mastering the interactions of animal nutrition, animal health and animal farming.      

You reliably receive your orders – on time and in the right quantity with production facilities on three continents and over 50 warehouses worldwide.

You experience maximum responsiveness and service quality from our dedicated colleagues thanks to offices in more than 60 countries.

You benefit from 13 labs on five continents that provide NIR and wet chemistry services, which gives the advantage of fast and convenient assessments of the components of raw materials and their quality – key information in formulating the best diet for your animals.

You can constantly access latest scientific insights as we stay in close contact with universities, research institutes and other members of the scientific community and share our knowledge in scientific papers and customer trainings.

You can successfully implement low protein concepts based on our system solutions.

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