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Feed solutions increase sustainability

Life cycle assessment (LCA) – Comparative LCA of amino acid use in pig, broiler and egg production.

Protecting freshwater

Saving water - Evonik’s animal feed solutions quench livestock thirst and reduce the environmental impact of meat and dairy production.

When less is more

Saving land - Evonik's animal feed solutions based on low-protein, amino acid enriched diets make animal husbandry more efficient and help save resources.

Good for fish, people and the oceans

World Oceans Day - See how life and its diversity in our oceans can be protected.

Enjoy 2 glasses a day

World Milk Day - Is the world producing enough milk to satisfy this demand? No. But this can change.


World Water Day - Sustainable animal nutrition to conserve the world’s most valuable resources.

Because every hectare counts

Mother Earth Day - The world population is growing. But arable land to feed the people is limited. Amino acids can help to conserve the limited resource of land.

It's all about the Eggs

World Egg Day - Evonik Animal Nutrition who is a sponsor of the “Macubeni Chicken Farm” project in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, held their second World Egg Day event in South Africa.

Utho Ngathi: "A Road to Changes"

Social ResponsibilityPeople living in with disabilities are often left to their own devices, especially in rural regions. The aid organization Utho Ngathi Disabilty helps in many ways.