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Hear from key opinion leaders about their insight and uptakes on sustainability in animal nutrition and farming. The task of feeding an ever-growing world population while keeping the environment healthy is in everyone’s agenda because it's all about life.

How can we feed an ever-growing population healthily in a way that isn’t harmful to the planet?

That’s the burning question facing the animal nutrition and animal farming industries and we’ll be looking at the answers in our podcast.

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Each month we’ll be speaking to leading industry voices and opinion leaders to get their cutting-edge insights on the challenges and solutions to making animal nutrition and farming more sustainable.

Because the task of feeding future generations in a sustainable way is an issue that affects us all. It’s a global challenge needing global solutions. Let's science it.

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Episode 1

Nov 01, 2022

Where are we regarding sustainability in the food-chain?Your host Faazi Adam finds answers with Stefan Eils, Sustainability Director at Evonik Animal Nutrition and Maria Lettini, Executive Director at FAIRR Initiative.

Meet Faazi Adam, your podcast host

Faazi Adam, our Director of Sustainability, will be talking to our guest speakers to bring you the latest insights and updates from the animal farming and nutrition world.

With an extensive background in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in the global food sector, Faazi has her finger firmly on the pulse of the industry and the issues it’s facing.

She’s worked with some of the world's largest investors, protein producers, food retailers and quick-service restaurants as part of the FAIRR Initiative, to accelerate progress on climate change and deforestation risk in livestock supply chains and sustainable feed strategies in salmon aquaculture.

Faazi also contributed to the development of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, the world's first benchmark of protein producers on material ESG risks and opportunities, with her broad experience also spanning corporate sustainability, political risk analysis and international diplomacy.

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