Energize your poultry and performance

Increasing global demand for animal protein presents challenges in sustainability, food security, food safety and animal welfare. Our Energy Efficiency Concept outlines the most efficient way to “Science the Global Food Challenge” by improving animal health, product quality and profitability.

The challenges of improving animal energy efficiency

Energy is the most important and expensive component of poultry feed. The rising cost of raw ingredients and high variability in raw material quality pose a challenge to farmers to maintain competitiveness and deliver high-quality products. Ensuring good availability of energy across every step of the poultry production chain is therefore crucial.

Poultry require energy from feed for efficient growth and optimized reproduction, and to be resilient against issues such as heat and transport stress. Not addressing these challenges during the production process can negatively impact growth performance as well as carcass quality and meat quality. It can also lead to higher nitrogen excretion and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) through poor nutrient absorption and energy utilization.

Enhancing the energy efficiency of the animal is a clear solution to improving performance and profitability (through lower feed costs and higher revenues) and meeting the growing demand for animal protein products. This can be achieved by increasing cellular creatine levels in the animal through guanidinoacetic acid supplementation.

Recharging the muscles with creatine

Creatine – the “battery” of muscles – plays a key role in the energy metabolism of animals. Its two main functions are to act as a reservoir of high energy phosphate (that can regenerate Adenosine-Triphosphate (ATP) when energy demand is high) and to transport the produced energy within the cell. The temporary energy buffer in the form of phospho-creatine can be used in stressful situations.

Guanidinoacetic Acid (GAA) is a natural creatine precursor. Feed that is supplemented with the correct level will encourage healthy muscle growth and enhanced fertility and hatchability in broiler breeders. Additionally, energy savings in feed and higher quality meat are key benefits.

Benefits at a glance

Years of research and expertise has led to Evonik’s strong understanding of the effects of enhanced creatine supply on improving energy efficiency and stress resilience in farm animals.

Our advanced energy efficiency concept navigates you through complex interactions between environment, health and nutrition. Utilizing this knowledge can help you to achieve the best results for livestock performance, while saving on feed costs and reducing ecological footprint.

Evonik Products and Solutions

At Evonik, our aim is to help farmers raise animals that are more productive and healthier in a way that lessens the environmental impact.

GuanAMINO® is an innovative form of GAA which can boost the energy efficiency of animals and lower production costs at the same time. The creatine-level in muscles can be increased with GAA-supplementation by 10 to 20 percent, dependent on dosage levels.

Optimize feed cost and profitability with the GuanAMINO® Calculator:

As GuanAMINO® is a granulated product, its handling characteristics are superior compared to the alternative powdered product form. It is virtually dust free, free flowing, stable in all feed processing stages and shows no caking tendency. Due to this, the handling and day-to-day usage is easy and safe.

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With 70 years of experience and a presence in 100 countries, we can support your business by offering solutions that are tailored to your needs. Together, we can turn challenges into benefits for greater sustainability and better performance.

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