Functional Feed Additives

Improve animal welfare, the quality of your products and profitability  of your business in livestock farming while solving sustainability issues at the same time with functional feed additives from Evonik.

In the midst of healthcare premiums rising and chronic diseases increasing, consumers are adopting a holistic health and self-care approach that starts at prevention and ends at treatment. In this regard, nutrition is the scaffolding for building a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and health are closely linked in ensuring the well-being and performance of the animal. An increasing demand for animal welfare and eliminating the use of antibiotic utilization in animal feed lead to whole new challenges for the animal feed industry.

However, diseases, environment, and feed ingredient types, can negatively impact the intestinal microbial balance in poultry, leading to slower growth and reduced performance. An overgrowth of pathogenic strains of clostridium perfringens can result in different disorders such as diarrhea, necrotic enteritis, gangrenous dermatitis, and focal duodenal necrosis. These can ultimately impair the animal’s feed efficiency, growth, and wellbeing of the animals and can cause economic losses for poultry and swine producers.

Probiotics can improve the overall condition of the animals and help farmers to improve quality of their products profitability of their business and solve sustainability challenges.

The expertise of Evonik in the area of animal nutrition gives us the advantage of extending our portfolio and knowledge to the area of animal health to help you meet the challenges and to support profitability with our healthy nutritional solutions.