The environmental impact of animal production is getting more and more focus. Learn how GuanAMINO® supplementation in your diets can help to reduce the global warming, eutrophication and acidification potential of animal production.

There are several sustainability benefits to supplementing GAA. For example, when looking at the life cycle of a broiler, starting at the egg production and ending at the slaughter, the evaluation for the global warming potential of broiler production has shown a possible improvement of approximately 2% with on-top supplementation. This was due to better FCR and hatching rate. For the matrix-value approach there could be a 7% improvement due to the lower impact through the modified diet (27% less soybean oil).

Using either feeding method, the product reduces the impact of broiler production on eutrophication (PO4, NOX, NO3, NH3, NH4) and acidification (SO2,NOX,H2SO4,HNO3) potential by improving FCR or changing the content of diets.

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