Supply Security for the Americas Region

At Evonik, our regional approach — Made In America, For The Americas — means greater supply security of amino acids and specialty products to the animal production sector, as well as reduced environmental footprint.


Evonik's approach shows its

  • Commitment to the region
  • Support for the animal feed industry in the US
  • Significant investment in the plant at Mobile, Alabama, including creating good, well-paid jobs

Regional Production and Supply

Evonik is a global leader in the production of amino acids for animal nutrition with a strong focus on regional production and supply. We are committed to providing our customers in the Americas with a stable and secure supply of high-quality amino acids. Our local production facilities in Castro, Brazil, Blair, Nebraska, USA and Mobile, Alabama, USA enable us to offer a great distribution network, shorter lead times, and enhanced sustainability, all while providing solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. By providing a stable and secure supply of amino acids and specialty products, we are helping to support the growth and development of the animal production sector in the Americas.

Stable Supply Chain and Enhanced Sustainability

Our commitment to regional production and distribution also means that we can offer a stable supply chain, ensuring that our customers have access to the amino acids they need when they need them. Additionally, our local production facilities enable us to reduce our carbon footprint, enhancing sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We have invested significantly in the backward integration of our plant in Mobile, Alabama. Project Malbec, due to be completed in Q2/2024, will bolster regional supply security and make sustainability gains of 7%, a reduction of 25,000 kilo tons of CO2 per year. 

Supplying Innovative Specialties

Evonik also supplies and distributes innovative specialty products in the Americas region. Our focus on regional supply and distribution means that we offer a quick and flexible approach to meet our customers' needs. Whether it's through our local production facilities or our distribution network, Evonik is committed to providing our customers in the Americas with a reliable and sustainable source of animal health and nutrition products.