Best handling

For optimum growth, livestock such as swine and poultry need nutritional supplements – especially essential amino acids. These include methionine, a key amino acid that can be integrated into the feed mix as dry crystalline methionine (DLM) or as MHA-FA. The superior handling qualities of dry methionine are clear on delivery, and continue with superior mixability with other components and reduced time and effort in processing.

Tangible results

Dry beats liquid, hands down

Dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is significantly easier to handle than MHA-FA during feed production. From more efficient logistics and storage, to precise dosing and superior mixing, the advantages of MetAMINO® add up to cost-effective operation and high productivity.

Video: Best handling at a glance

Our video makes it tangible why dry is better than MHA-FA for your feed production. Using MetAMINO® as your dry methionine source you’ll have a number of benefits, from reduced labor costs to cleaner production and to optimized mixing processes. See for yourself!

Easy transport and storage

Shipping, unloading, storage – DLM makes it trouble-free. Dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is not only easy to transport and store in bags, big bags or silo trucks, it also offers exceptional efficiency in consistent mixing with other components.

But best of all, the 100% bioefficacy of dry crystalline methionine means you need less of the supplement to achieve the same results – two truckloads of DLM are equivalent to three truckloads of MHA-FA.

And while MHA-FA require special safety measures for handling caustic substances, DLM can be dosed even by hand.

Clean handling and precise dosage

Do your mixing facilities a favor and use non-corrosive dry methionine. While MHA-FA can cake and attack the lower-grade steel surfaces of mixing equipment on a long-term basis, dry crystalline methionine does not stick and does not corrode.

As a result, maintenance is significantly reduced – no need for intensive cleaning and maintenance of mixing equipment and troughs due to MHA-FA residue.

That means that less residue is carried over from one batch to another, and lower maintenance of the mixing system is required. As dry DLM does not clog spray nozzles, there is lower risk of poor distribution of liquid feed components. The varying viscosity of MHA-FA at lower temperatures also becomes a thing of the past when supplementing DLM. It all adds up to greater efficiency and lower upkeep.

Optimum mixing

Thanks to its exceptional mixability, crystalline dry methionine enables you to mix ideal feed formulations more efficiently than ever. Its advantages include no clumping and easy mixing with other (mostly dry) feed components. This, coupled with its 100% bioefficacy, results in unsurpassed simplicity and precision in mixing a homogenous final feed product. Your benefit: less hassle and more performance.

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