Best quality

Nutritional supplements effectively enhance the growth and health of livestock such as swine, poultry, and fish. The amino acid methionine is especially important. But best results can only come from best quality. This is why the difference between MHA-FA and dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is so significant. While liquid methionine hydroxy analog adds unnecessary mass to the feed mix, the dry (DLM) adds nothing but pure quality.

Tangible results

Pure dry methionine for superior bioefficacy

MetAMINO® dry crystalline methionine (DLM) provides unsurpassed quality. Feed mills and livestock producers alike value MetAMINO® for consistently excellent results, 100% reliable quality, and easy compliance with regulations, norms, and standards.

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See for yourself why using MetAMINO® as your dry methionine source provides you with the best available quality – 100% bioefficacy and more than 99% purity contribute significantly to optimal growth of swine, poultry, and fish.

Get constant results

Uniform performance is essential to feed mills and livestock producers alike. With its exceptionally high purity of 99%, MetAMINO® dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is ideal for precise and consistent dosing – and constantly outstanding livestock performance.

Its 100% bioefficacy is overwhelmingly superior to MHA-FA. As a result, dry crystalline DLM is the methionine source of choice for feed mixes that precisely match the metabolic needs of swine, poultry, and fish. Whether at the feed mill or on the farm, MetAMINO® produces constant results that can be verified at all times.

Quality you can count on

The consistently superior quality of MetAMINO® dry crystalline methionine gives feed mill operators and livestock producers peace of mind.

Knowing you can count on your methionine source means you can develop innovative nutritional concepts. It also enables you to compensate for variables in the feed mix, such as quality differences in main components. And since the 100% bioefficacy of MetAMINO® is 100% dependable, meat producers can deliver excellent products on a reliable basis.

Easy compliance

With its reliably high level of purity and safety, dry crystalline methionine makes it easy for feed producers and livestock operations to conform to regulations, norms, and quality standards. Unlike its liquid counterpart, MetAMINO® dry crystalline methionine (DLM) is non-corrosive, and can be handled without special safety equipment. It supports good manufacturing practice (GMP) and the concept of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

Evonik’s analytical lab services enables feed producers to evaluate and precisely calibrate each feed component and optimize methionine levels according to their targeted specifications.

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