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Biolys® is an innovative lysine source with many advantages for animal nutrition. With Biolys® your animals will get a guaranteed effective feed diet – while lowering your enterprises’ ecological footprint.

The challenge of boosting efficiency

Reducing feed costs by balancing the amino acid composition in your livestock diet is a sound method to boost efficiency, but it requires precision. Lysine is an essential and limiting amino acid in feed for poultry, swine, fish, crustaceans and dairy cows. A lysine-deficient diet can have a negative impact on your animals’ growth performance.

The L-lysine source with added value

Biolys® is a highly effective and reliable source of lysine that enables unsurpassed precision in balancing amino acids. Biolys® has a higher proportion of L-lysine than typically contained in comparable products. It not only enables you to meet requirements for the essential amino acid L-lysine, but also contains valuable components resulting from its fermentation process – additional nutrients and energy that further benefit your livestock.

The result is lower feeds costs for pigs, poultry and aquatic species. Using Biolys® in a lysine-deficient diet significantly increases average daily gain (ADG). In addition, it helps reduce waste emissions through a higher feed conversion rate (FCR) for an improved environmental footprint.

Reduced groundwater pollution with Biolys®
Reduced groundwater pollution with Biolys®

Groundwater pollution due to livestock excretion is a growing concern. Biolys® is a key tool that enables producers to reduce the crude protein content of their feed. As a rule of thumb, for each percentage point reduction in dietary protein, the excretion of nitrogen in manure and ammonia emissions are reduced by nine percent. In addition, water consumption is also reduced, which leads to a total reduction of manure volume.

Biolys® moving towards climate neutrality

Biolys® is produced by means of fermentation. Microorganisms convert dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, into L-lysine. The mixture of lysine and biomass is the basis of the product – without any waste.

Regarding utilities, the production process requires water, steam and electricity. At our production site in Castro (Brazil), we meet more than 90 percent of the electrical energy demand by renewable sources. And the Castro plant is located in the midst of a corn-producing region that has been used for agriculture for more than 20 years. A huge part of the total production is sold in regional markets.

Biolys® brochure

Download our Biolys® brochure and learn more about the essential amino acid for effective feeding concepts that provides free lysine sulfate with additional nutrients and energy content that make all the difference.

Download here.

Benefits of using Biolys® at a glance:

  • Supplementing with Biolys® results in significant cost savings and enhanced efficiency.
  • Biolys® supplies a minimum of 54.6% or 60% L-lysine, biologically available to all animals.
  • Biolys® contains extra essential amino acids as well as phosphorus.
  • Biolys® is a free-flowing granulate with a high bulk density.
  • It is characterized by excellent handling and processing properties: homogenous mutability and stability against demixing.
  • Biolys® is manufactured with no animal byproducts.
  • Supplementing with Biolys® enables you to reduce waste emissions and improve your environmental footprint

Your benefits using Biolys®

Take advantage of unsurpassed knowledge, experience and scientific accuracy. The animal nutrition experts at Evonik draw on existing literature, in-house research and comprehensive databases. Trials conducted with various livestock species, including fish, have proven the advantages of Biolys® over other products. Supplementing with Biolys® enables you to fine-tune your farming operation.

The result: high livestock performance, improved carbon footprint and cost savings thanks to high L-lysine concentration.