Getting more out of your feed.


ThreAMINO® consistently improves the quality and productivity of livestock. As a highly effective source of the amino acid L-threonine, ThreAMINO® optimizes feed formulations, reduces the cost of animal production and minimizes nitrogen excretion.

The challenge

With feed accounting for up to two thirds of total livestock production costs, feed quality and production efficiency have a great impact on overall profitability. Cutting feed costs is not easy, as anything that compromises nutrient value can lead to impaired growth over the course of the production process. Precise supplementation with highly concentrated amino acids is the key to success, yet not all sources deliver optimum results.


Supplementing with L-threonine, an essential amino acid that cannot be created by the animal, supports optimum protein synthesis, an indispensable part of the growth process of an animal. ThreAMINO® is produced in a fermentation process using high-potential microbial strains.

Scientific research and commercial trials demonstrate the effectiveness of L-threonine. The amino acid is typically the 2nd limiting in modern swine diets and the 3rd limiting in poultry diets, depending on animal species, sex, age, genetics and feed mix. Apart from its key role in protein synthesis, threonine contributes to animal well-being, feather synthesis, gut health and the immune system. Supplementing crystalline ThreAMINO® is especially effective in low-protein diets with a high proportion of grain that is lower in threonine digestibility than other raw materials.

ThreAMINO® brochure

Download our brochure on ThreAMINO®, a highly effective source of the amino acid L-Threonine, and learn how ThreAMINO® optimizes feed formulations, reduces the cost of animal production and minimizes nitrogen excretion.

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What's in it for you? Benefits of ThreAMINO® at a glance

ThreAMINO® is 100% available to the animal, enabling precise and cost-effective dosing. It contributes to superior weight gain for outstanding livestock productivity, while at the same time enhancing animal well-being, gut health and a healthy immune system. Especially when used with Evonik’s expert support, ThreAMINO® enables you to take advantage of the ideal protein feed approach. It translates into improved quality, less waste and smoother feed production.

  • ThreAMINO® helps in achieving maximum animal performance and shorter grow-out periods, which result in higher gross margins per animal when fed at 100% of Evonik amino acid recommendations.
  • ThreAMINO® is an efficient tool to reduce feed and production costs through higher feed conversion and higher body weight gain.
  • It enhances the utilization of available amino acids for optimum body protein deposition and reduces the variation of threonine in feed, as ThreAMINO® is 100% available.
  • Supplementing with ThreAMINO® optimizes the utilization of protein sources, enabling reduced safety margins and reduced nitrogen excretion.
  • ThreAMINO® significantly improves gut health and the immune system, allowing efficient feed digestion.
  • It also facilitates balancing the dietary amino acid profile, especially when the goal is an optimum ratio of lysine to threonine.

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