The low-chloride liquid fertilizer for sensitive crops.


Care for growing plants. AgraLi® is a low chloride potash fertilizer, which is particularly suitable for cultivating chloride-sensitive crops.


As the global population is growing, we will eventually run out of arable land to sustain the crops we need to feed the world. Cropland is a finite resource, competing with natural forests and growing cities. In addition, food, feed and fuel compete with each other for cropland. AgraLi® helps improve the efficiency of global land usage in order to meet this challenge.



AgraLi® is applied directly to the soil in a number of ways. The specially adapted technology makes it possible to apply the product directly to the roots of the plant through a low-odor soil injection. As a low-chloride potash fertilizer, AgraLi® is generally suitable for all crops requiring potash. It is an affordable fertilizer and an ideal source of potassium.


Benefits of AgraLi® at a glance

  • AgraLi® guarantees an optimal supply of potash and is an additional source of nitrogen & sulfur.
  • It allows for efficient management with tillage and targeted fertilization in one step.
  • AgraLi® helps to save resources and is environmentally friendly.

What’s in it for you

As Evonik we are committed to lead our market today – and achieve sustainability tomorrow. AgraLi®, the sulfurous organic and mineral liquid NK fertilizer, is obtained during the production of methionine, an essential amino acid that is used as a feed additive primarily in monogastrics diets to ensure healthy and environmentally friendly animal nutrition. Fertilization using AgraLi® is sustainable for the environment. It is continually produced and its consistent high quality is ensured through regular analysis.