The environmentally friendly liquid fertilizer


blueSulfate® - the rapidly effective environmentally friendly liquid fertilizer in fostering plant growth. 


As the global population is growing, we will eventually run out of arable land to sustain the crops we need to feed the world. Food, feed and fuel compete with each other for cropland. As a finite resource, cropland is competing with natural forests and growing cities. Additionally, due to increased safety regulations, there are strict laws regarding air pollution limitations. This positive change in our environment can also have a negative effect on the available sulfur in our soil.



Evonik’s blueSulfate® helps to significantly improve the efficiency of global land usage in order to meet this challenge. It is an ideal solution to supplementing the necessary sulfur levels with the added benefit of supplying much-needed nitrogen. blueSulfate® is suitable for most agricultural crops and industrial applications that require some levels of ammonium sulfate. It is available in dry and liquid form and is an effective source of sulfur. 


Benefits of blueSulfate® at a glance

  • blueSulfate® is rapidly effective in fostering plant growth and increasing crop yield through creation of more acidic soil.
  • It helps lower the pH in alkaline soil.
  • blueSulfate® helps to save resources and is environmentally friendly.
  • This slow-release source of nitrogen is available in liquid and dry forms.

What’s in it for you

As Evonik we are committed to lead our market today – and achieve sustainability tomorrow. The nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer is obtained during the production of methionine, an essential amino acid that is used as a feed additive primarily in monogastrics diets to ensure healthy and environmentally friendly animal nutrition. Fertilization using blueSulfate® is sustainable for the environment. It is continually produced, and its consistent high quality is ensured through regular analysis.

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