SpeoCare™ T60

Enhancing Gut Integrity

Butyric acid is a naturally occuring short-chain fatty acid in animals and a well-established feed ingredient in poultry, swine and calf production used to support gut health and the immune system.


SpeoCare™ T60 is an innovative tributyrin feed material produced out of butyric acid and glycerol with esterification technology. This esterification technology allows for the targeted release of butyric acid - where it is needed - ensuring the butyric acid is protected against absorption before reaching the intestine. 

It is the tributyrin source from a world leading manufacturer of animal nutrition products, significantly enhances gut integrity, ensuring the health and performance of your animals, reduces the risk of leaky gut, and other gut health challenges which substantially lowers animal performance, and is characterized by excellent concentration, bioavailability and handling at your feed and farming operation.

YOUR challenge

Gut Health is one of the biggest concern of animal farming operations worldwide. With AGP bans, resistance issues and rising environmental and disease challenges, producers must look for smart solutions to maintain the health of their animals and margins. As this situation is unlikely to change, the challenge facing nutritionists and animal producers is how to maintain animal health while keeping feed costs down. By optimizing the gut integrity of your animals, you ensure just that.


SpeoCare™ T60 is a highly concentrated solid tributyrin product with over 60% tributyrin content. It is free flowing, virtually dust free and has no unpleasant smell. SpeoCare™ T60 supplementation leads to higher butyric acid levels throughout in the intestine of animals compared with other butyric acid products and feeds.


After passing through the stomach, the tributyrin is hydrolyzed in the small intestine by lipase activity, releasing butyric acid where it is most effective in supporting gut health. Butyric acid acts as an energy source, mainly in enterocytes of the large and small intestine. Therefore, butyrate enhances proliferation, differentiation and maturation, and reduces apoptosis of normal enterocytes. Crypt depth and the villi height can be increased. Additionally, other functional epithelial cells like goblet cells and paneth cells are supported so that mucus and antimicrobial peptide production are improved.

In other words: Butyrate supports the growth and the functionality of the epithelial cells, which is essential for the maintenance and repair of the intestinal lining and defense system.  Additionally, an improved intestinal surface area is benficial for nutrient absorption.

Your animals will be healthy, more resistant and more likely to reach their full growth potential!  


  1. Butyrate supports epithelial cell integrity and growth as well as mucin production
  2. Contribute to a sustainable and AGP-free poultry production
  3. Improve nutrient absorption and feed conversion rate
  4. Finally, improve livestock performance  and increase Return On Investment (ROI)
  5. Easy handling: Excellent flowability, stability during storage & no unpleasant smell
  6. Min 60.0% tributyrin content