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inoSust® – making sustainability tangible

Our comprehensive service offering gives science-based answers to your sustainability topics and enables you to improve your impact.

Gain transparency, prove achievements, and generate credible answers

Whatever your sustainability goals are, inoSust® helps you achieve them in a straightforward project set-up. As the reduction of the ecological footprint becomes more and more important, questions often arise like : What can you do to improve it? How to provide transparency about your achievements and communicate your improved footprint in a credible way?

That’s where our science-based approach comes into play and supports you with tailored analytics based on your data, monitoring, and verification of improvements, and a support to get certifications.

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Your benefits at a glance

inoSust® supports you in finding ways to reduce the environmental footprint, in third-party certification, and enables you to take advantage of green labeling opportunities for your products.

How does it work?

  1. Identify needs, expectations, and goals together
  2. Collect the required data for the analysis
  3. Identify hotspots with life cycle assessment tools
    and get concrete recommendations for improvement
  4. Monitor the improvement
  5. Get optional support in the certification process by third parties
  6. Publish your sustainability achievements

Contact us - we are looking forward to making your sustainability efforts tangible!

With inoSust® we make your sustainability achievements tangible.

Contact Fernanda Castro, Global Sustainability Coordination inoSust® Program, to discuss your individual requirements in person. Simply give her a call or drop her a line.

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