Progress through partnership

Our Partners

At Evonik Animal Nutrition, we care deeply about Sciencing the Global Food Challenge. With a growing population and rising global demand for animal protein products, one of the burning questions facing our industry is how do we increase food supply in a sustainable way that looks after our planet?

Clearly this task requires a huge collective effort. And for that, collaboration is key. Get in touch today and become our partner!

Evonik has a long and proud history of working with producers across the globe, to develop innovative new solutions that can meet the needs of our customers – both today and tomorrow.

In 2015, we partnered with innovative feed company Al-Estesharia to help them strategically solve problems and to provide reliable solutions and services that deliver for their customers throughout the supply chain, supporting the business and the wider Middle East and North Africa market to grow further.

At the heart of these successful business relationships is mutual trust, openness and shared values – underpinned by strong scientific backgrounds. By working together, we can pool our knowledge and expertise and deliver custom solutions tailored to the region’s specific needs.

Utilizing Evonik’s expertise as a System Solutions provider, Al-Estesharia has successfully applied new feeding strategies with MetAMINO®, AMINOSys® and AMINONIR® to provide customers with superior products that not only meet their requirements, but also help to reduce the oversupply of nutrients, lower environmental impact and improve profitability.

Exchanging ideas and insights is vital to developing new solutions that truly deliver for our customers. That’s why partnerships with fellow pioneering minds such as Al Estesharia – the first animal nutrition company in the MENA region to introduce GuanAMINO® and Ecobiol® – are so important.

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