rumen-protected DL-Methionine


Mepron® delivers highly concentrated  rumen-protected DL-methionine precisely where it benefits dairy cows most – in the small intestine. For better performance and greater sustainability.

Dairy cow farmers need to efficiently increase milk yield

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are essential nutrients in overall metabolism, but particularly critical for dairy cows producing milk. In most dairy cow diets, the first limiting amino acid is methionine. If methionine is missing, the cow is unable to utilize any other amino acids for protein synthesis. This decreases the animal’s performance and the quantity of milk produced. The methionine requirement for optimum milk production can be met in two ways: either by feeding the dairy cow a diet very high in crude protein content, which leads to a surplus of all other amino acids – in turn causing imbalances and inefficient protein use – or by supplementing with DL-methionine. The latter method is superior, yet it demands a high level of precision in meeting all nutrient requirements including methionine. If this is accomplished successfully, the result is optimized nutrient utilization, minimized feed costs and increased milk yield. Additionally, the role of amino acids goes beyond aiding performance, by improving herd health, immunity and fertility.

Reduce nitrogren excretions and increase performance of your dairy cows with Mepron®

Mepron® enables amino acid balancing of dairy rations to meet environmental challenges by reducing nitrogen excretion, while increasing milk yield and quality.

In ruminant nutrition, supplemental amino acids must be protected against microbial degradation in the pre-stomach system (i.e. the rumen). For this reason, Evonik’s DL-methionine supplement Mepron® is equipped with a time-release film coating. Rumen-protected Mepron® delivers methionine in a highly concentrated form, ensuring that the nutrient arrives in the small intestine to be absorbed. Mepron® supplies metabolizable methionine at a lower cost per gram than any form of feed protein. Depending on current raw feed material prices, your ration costs can be reduced by US$ 0.05–0.20 per cow per day. Mepron® is simply the most cost-effective methionine source for dairy rations.

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What's in it for you? Benefits of Mepron® at a glance

Mepron®, the concentrated, rumen-stable methionine source for dairy cows, is the key to achieving the correct amino-acid balance in dairy rations. Especially when used with  expert support, Mepron® enables you to take advantage of the ideal protein feed approach. Supplementing with Mepron® not only improves the profitability of your dairy farm, but also helps you focus on managing food safety, animal welfare, and environmental concerns. 

  • Supplementing with Mepron® improves your competitiveness through lower feed costs without compromising performance.
  • Mepron® optimizes protein utilization and increases the milk yield of cows.
  • Mepron® contributes to improved herd health and fertility of dairy cows due to optimized nutrient supply and by lowering the nitrogen load in the metabolism.
  • Mepron® is virtually dust-free, offers excellent performance during conveying and has a perfect flowability. It can be included in premixes, mineral mixes and feed mixes by any technical process.
  • Supplementing with Mepron® reduces environmental pollution by lowering nitrogen excretion.
  • Mepron® significantly increases profitability, while enabling sustainable farming.

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