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NexAmino® MK: boosting yield and quality in INsect Farming

Discover the potential of NexAmino® MK, where scientific expertise meets sustainable farming. By closing the nutritional gap, the unique amino acid, nitrogen and potassium blend of NexAmino® MK optimizes your productivity and key performance indicators.

Sustainable and innovative solutions for the global food challenge

Due to their highly efficient ability to utilize even low-value feed streams that are unsuitable for conventional animal applications, insect farming holds great potential to enhance circularity and offers an innovative and sustainable contribution to the global food challenge.

Achieving a high-quality yield, especially from feed substrates with low nutritional content, is essential for economically-viable and sustainable operations. Although it is feasible to cultivate larvae on nutrient-poor feeds, nutrient imbalances such as those present in most of the common low value feed sources, result in poor feed utilization of larvae and diminished product quality. The suboptimal use of dietary proteins and amino acids in these systems often results in significant ammonia losses. Research by Evonik in cooperation with several partners indicates that  significant losses occur, which can be minimized at low effort by adjusting nutritional specification of the substrate.

Addressing this challenge, NexAmino® MK enhances insect larvae production, providing a sustainable and efficient ready-to-use mixture. Our unique blend of amino acids, nitrogen, and potassium is specially dedicated for insect farming, ensuring a balanced diet for your larvae and optimizing your operation's output and sustainability.

By optimizing the dietary amino acid supply with NexAmino® MK, not only the final biomass production can be increased, but also the time to harvest and body composition can be significantly improved.

To discover how EVONIK’s scientific expertise in animal nutrition meets sustainable farming and how NexAmino®MK can optimize insect production, download our white paper today: