Optimize your livestock production

Farm Management 

Animal nutrition, health and farming in one holistic approach.

Precision lifestock farming connects nutrition, health, and farming

PLF, or so-called ‘Precision Livestock Farming’, adds advanced technologies and software to the farming process, with the goal of optimizing the contribution per animal. But to really get the most out of Precision Livestock Farming, a holistic approach is required to overcome less effective isolated solutions. This connects the main areas of focus: nutrition, health, and farming. Therefore, we want to ensure the welfare of the animals and the discharge of the farmers.

Precision Livestock Farming - Products


OPTIfarm is a precision support and optimization service with 24/7 remote real-time monitoring for poultry farmers worldwide.

Visit the OPTIfarm website for more information.


Porphyrio® uses Big Data to support integrators and farmers in optimizing their production process. A self-learning algorithm permits the prediction of animal performance and the planning of production accordingly.  Find out more on Porphyrio® here. 


ScreenFloX® provides robust, reliable, and representative test results on an entire flock’s health in short time. The test results offer both an early-warning system and a control mechanism for gut health measures. Here you can learn more about ScreenFlox®.

AQUAVI® Pro-Pond: Water remediation in sustainable aquaculture