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Precision livestock farming connects animal nutrition, health, and farming through latest hardware and software solutions. Increase animal welfare and optimize your farm management together with us.

Why precision livestock farming matters

Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) plays a central role in animal farming, as we need to do more with less. It adds latest hardware and software to the farming process, with the goal of optimizing the contribution per animal and to increase animal welfare. To get the most out of PLF, it is important to connect animal nutrition, animal health, and animal farming.

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Precision livestock farming in poultry production

PLF is about knowing your livestock better – by collecting, analyzing and using data. This includes your animals’ needs, their health status, their feed, and their environment. Based on reliable data, you can plan and act more precisely – in the whole production process, throughout the animal protein value chain.

Our PLF approach for poultry production combines science, expert knowledge, intelligent software, and connectivity into a comprehensive solution – by building on a broad range of applications from animal nutrition, animal health, and animal farming.

Animal Nutrition

Feed quality significantly influences meat yield and meat quality. Therefore, it is important to precisesly analyze nutritional values in the feed ingredients.  This improves feed quality, ensures animal health and reduces the environmental impact.

Animal health

Frequent monitoring of pathogens provides on-the-spot information of a flock’s health status. Monitoring of pathogens allows farmers to react earlier and to ensure the health of their entire flock. With this data, farmers can reduce the use of antibiotics and other medicines. 

Animal farming

Digitalization has allowed innovative systems to be devised for the poultry meat industry and for the commercial egg industry. Collecting, processing, and analyzing data generates valuable insights for the poultry industry. With this gained knowledge experts along the value chain get a deeper understanding of the production processes and can make the right business decisions based on science.

Products, Services, and Knowledge for your farm management

Our PLF solutions build on successful feed quality services and tools. We tightly integrate analytics and environmental monitoring with digital services. Besides proven products and newly developed software solutions you also get consultation services from our experts to support your digital transformation. Simply get in touch with us!


Determine the nutritional quality of your feeds and raw materials – fast, reliably, and at the best quality. The AMINONIR® services offer reliable nutritional analysis in a minimal time – even with unground raw materials. Easy to perform, fast to implement, invaluable for business performance. Find out more about AMINONIR®.


Avoid overdosing and underdosing with AMINOSys®. Use precisely the resources you need and get consistent results in livestock production. AMINOSys® systems are supplied as turnkey units that are completely integrated into your specific production facilities. Learn more about AMINOSys®.


The easy digital solution for pathogen monitoring of poultry flocks. ScreenFloX® enables poultry producers to improve livestock production by monitoring the pathogen status of flocks. Learn more about ScreenFloX®.

What's in it for you?

The entire poultry production chain, from breeding to the slaughterhouse or egg grading, is a complex sequence of interlinked steps. Collecting, processing, and analyzing as much data as possible along the production process generates information that our solutions turn into knowledge. This newly acquired knowledge helps you to better understand operations, to make the right business decisions, and to determine the best balance of production cost and product quality.

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We support you in connecting animal nutrition, health, and farming with our products and solutions. 

Johann Fickler, Director Precision Livestock Farming, is looking forward to discussing the digital transformation of your animal farming with you. Simply give him a call, drop him a line, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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