Digital pathogen monitoring of poultry flocks

Monitor and take control of the health of your entire flock with ScreenFloX® - the only tool that non-invasively quantifies gastrointestinal pathogens and provides early warning of pathogen levels.

Smarter decisions, healthier animals

Farmers, livestock production managers, and veterinarians know what is best for their animals. Based on knowledge and experience, they do their best to improve animal health and well-being, as well as ensure food safety.

Poultry producers are looking for ways to improve the health, reliability, and profitability of their flock without the routine use of antibiotics. Measures and methods to control and eradicate infection can be costly and time-consuming and not always effective at preventing disease outbreaks.

Gut health diseases are said to cost the global poultry industry 12bn euros each year*. With clinical necrotic enteritis and Salmonella proving to be a huge economic risk to farms, it is crucial to have the most up-to-date technological resources available to help you address potential challenges earlier and prevent diseases and outbreaks.

Imagine making smarter decisions to improve your poultry production performance with the help of our one-stop digital health monitoring solution that continuously monitors the microbial status of your poultry flocks.

See what's in it for you.

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Our digital monitoring solution: a better way

ScreenFloX® is a unique SMART qPCR-based digital pathogen monitoring tool, specialized for the most important gut pathogens in poultry; Campylobacter jejuni, Salmonella enterica, Eimeria, and Clostridium perfringens.

Part of Evonik’s Precision Livestock Farming portfolio, ScreenFloX® allows you to continuously monitor and quantify gastrointestinal (GI) pathogens quickly, precisely and reliably, with an early warning of pathogen levels - enabling you to take quick and effective preventative action.

How does it work?

ScreenFloX® uses samples of faeces collected in the barn and sent to a lab for reliable qPCR analysis of your flock’s pathogen status. It is the only digital pathogen monitoring solution that non-invasively quantifies pathogens from an entire poultry flock based on qPCR. And the results are delivered within hours.**

Continuously monitor the pathogen status of your poultry flocks with ScreenFloX®.
Continuously monitor the pathogen status of your poultry flocks with ScreenFloX®.

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ScreenFloX® Benefits at a glance - what's in it for you

ScreenFloX® enables optimized livestock production, improving animal welfare and increasing food safety.

  • Monitors GI pathogens continuously, helping you control & manage flock performance and minimize the risk of losses
  • Removes the guesswork. Full visibility of your flock’s health status allows you to be proactive rather than reactive in treating your birds
  • Non-invasive analysis with animal welfare and production efficiency gains
  • Science-based results of the pathogen status, based on leading global data
  • Allows you to test and measure changes to poultry production e.g., reducing the use of antibiotics; switching from chemicals to vaccines; changing feed additives
  • Supports move to antibiotic-free production
  • Helps you to follow Safe Food Policies on Campylobacter and Salmonella-free production and improve food safety by lowering the pathogen load.

With ScreenFloX®, managing and improving the health and performance of your flock has never been easier.

By knowing which pathogens and pathogen levels are in your flock, you can take the correct course of action, reducing unnecessary treatment or control costs. Continuous monitoring allows you to test and measure your intervention program routinely, to know which measures are working.

With our use-friendly platform accessible on your mobile device, you can easily track results in an instant. You’ll be able to:

  • assess the risk prevalence in your flock or farm,
  • view your flock health risk status for the selected pathogens in order to take corrective actions,
  • generate historical flock data to make better predictions for your livestock.

With ScreenFloX® you can take better control of your flock, enabling you to optimize production performance, improve animal welfare and increase food safety through improved animal health.

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We can support you in optimizing your poultry farming by digitally monitoring the pathogen status of your entire flocks. 

Joaquín Moreno, Global Product Manager ScreenFloX® at our Animal Nutrition business line, is looking forward to discussing digital pathogen monitoring with you. Give him a call, drop him a line, or connect with him via LinkedIn.

*References: D. Blake, 2020; M. De Gussem, 2010; Vetworks®.com

** Dependent on the sample delivery to the lab for qPCR.

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