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The poultry farming industry faces big challenges

Poultry meat and eggs are the most popular animal products in the world, regardless of culture or religion. Global production of poultry meat (27%) and eggs (18%) together exceed the production of beef (14%), pork (24%) and aquaculture (18%) by far.

Poultry products are low in fat, high in nutrients and amino acids, making them key to a healthy human diet.

Production processes are highly optimized, particularly in terms of nutrient utilization. So, there is enormous potential for the industry.

But poultry farmers face a daily struggle to balance their business needs with animal welfare and the environment. High costs, health issues, and emissions are the biggest challenges to profitable and sustainable poultry farming.

We offer a holistic approach with a broad range of pioneering products and solutions to ease or even eradicate these challenges.

Find out how we can help you in mastering these challenges.

Our solutions for the poultry industry at a glance

There is not one silver bullet to solve all the issues faced by poultry farmers. But we bring decades of knowledge, experience, innovation and scientific data to help you get the balance right, improving and often eradicating your problems.

Our holistic solutions can help to maximize your profit, improve animal health and welfare, and protect the environment.

Biolys® - L-lysine

GuanAMINO® - creatine source guanidinoacetic acid (GAA)

MetAMINO® - DL-methionine

ThreAMINO® - L-threonine

Ecobiol® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

Ecobiol® Fizz - water-soluble probiotic for gut microbiota management

GutCare® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

GutPlus® - probiotic for gut microbiota management

ScreenFloX® - early-warning system and control mechanism for gut health measures in poultry

What are poultry farmers trying to achieve and how can we from Evonik help?

Every business wants to become as efficient as possible to maximize its profit-making potential. But when the costs of production are high, it’s difficult to find a way to cut these without compromising on the quality of the product and the impact on the environment.


One of the biggest hurdles for poultry farmers is the high cost and variation in the quality of feed ingredients. Dietary specifications and nutritional strategies are core for optimized poultry performance.

Our wide range of world-class analytical services helps you to determine the nutritional value of ingredients for respective pricing and cost-effective use in compound feed.

You can harness our knowledge of amino acid products, which is vital for cost-effective use of feed ingredients and reliable performance prediction. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Achieving the right balance is a deciding factor in poultry farmers’ success in achieving or superseding their performance KPIs.

In order to precisely balance dietary amino acids and energy, you get from us feed supplements specifically for poultry diets. Nutritional strategies such as low-protein, balanced-protein and phase-feeding improve your performance and boost your poultry business.

However, traditional approaches are not enough anymore. As the world’s population grows and global demand for protein increases, traditional livestock farming methods are no longer enough to optimize poultry farming. In short: We need to do more with less. Precision livestock farming can optimize the processes on a farm. We combine science-based expertise in all aspects of poultry farming with intelligent software algorithms and consistent connectivity, so it becomes possible to interlink previously isolated solutions for animal nutrition, health and farming. Effective farm management depends on these digital solutions to face the challenges of modern-day poultry farming.

We have channeled decades of knowledge and experience into developing innovative tools and products to help you capture, monitor and analyze on-farm data. This gives you the power to react early to any issues and adjust farm management accordingly to achieve efficiency and boost your profit.

Animal health and welfare

Watch our video to see why gut health for animal farming matters.

Animal wellbeing is not optional in poultry farming. Health issues can lead to poor performance and mortality.

Regarding poultry feed, nutritional value means more than mere chemical composition. Digestibility of amino acids is key for precise feed formulation. We now understand gut health and physiology at a more detailed level than ever before. We know how to balance dietary nutrients better to fulfill animals’ needs at different life stages for optimal growth and health, and the important role played by commensal bacterial ecosystems (microbiomes) in gut health and performance.

There are many issues affecting the intestinal health of animals, among these are heat stress, feed nutritional values and quality, parasites, antibiotic growth promoter (AGP) replacements, and the main pathogenic bacteria. These types of challenges have a direct impact on the GIT, especially when one or many of these leads to an imbalance in the system. This can result in a negative alteration of the microbiota and gut morphology leading to bigger problems, such as: poor animal performance, lower flock uniformity, higher mortality and poor litter and air quality. If not treated and solved, they can create a vicious circle.

Feed & Environment: Feed quality and composition vary, because of the raw materials being used but also because in-feed formulation aims to reach optimal growth performance. For example, a feed formulation with excess protein can lead to a shift towards negative metabolite and cause inflammation and outgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, and a decrease in performance. Heat stress is one of the environmental challenges affecting intestinal health and requires a holistic approach that includes improvement and management of housing systems, lighting programs, water system & quality and nutritional strategies.

Microbiota: Looking for the overall balance of the ecosystems of microorganisms living inside the gut and maintaining gut integrity are utmost priorities. The use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in feeds contributes to the alteration of the GIT.

Poor digestion and nutrient absorption are consequences of poor feed quality and imbalanced diets. Anything that threatens the integrity of the gut microbiota affects the morphological and functional alteration of the GIT, the foundation of gut health.

Our one-health approach aims to reduce and even avoid the use of antibiotics in animal farming in order to mitigate antimicrobial resistance. Alternative functional feed additives such as probiotics are available to replace antibiotics and avoid dysbiosis and other digestive disorders.

Monitoring tools such as ScreenFlox® can also be employed to detect infections and pathogen challenges early, allowing producers to react immediately to problems as they arise.

Low protein not only stabilizes the digestive tract but also reduces ammonia concentrations which is beneficial to respiratory health of poultry but also improves litter quality and, thus, foot pad and skin health.


Sustainability plays an increasing role in poultry farming.

Environmental pollution by nitrogen emissions is a severe problem in some parts of the world and prevails in regions with intensive animal farming. However, it can be reduced through optimized amino acid nutrition and suitable nutritional strategies.

Greenhouse gas emissions as well as other environmental sustainability indicators are mainly determined by dietary composition of poultry feed, which can be analyzed and optimized with our services.

Rainforest protection is also a central topic in context of animal nutrition. Poultry consumes large quantities of soybean and palm oil products, which in turn are partly grown in rainforest regions. But our data shows that the use of alternative ingredients and application of particularly low protein diets decreases the demand for such products.

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We can support you to improve your operations by offering a unique set of solutions dedicated to the poultry industry. These include the low crude protein diet concept, amino acids portfolio, functional feed additives such as probiotics, AMINO services, and expert consultancy.

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