We supply amino acids and probiotics to the pet food industry to support the health and well-being of companion animals, ensuring they get the essential nutrients they need


Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for a companion animal’s overall health and well-being. Our products are designed to provide essential amino acids that support a healthy skin and coat, maintain a strong metabolism, and contribute to growth and development. With MetAMINO®, you can expect optimal nutrition, vital growth, metabolic balance, and superior handling.

Our products are backed by rigorous research, innovative technology, and a reputation for excellence. We offer high-quality, locally-produced DL-Methionine for your pet food  formulations. Visit our MetAMINO® product page to learn more about our offerings.


ThreAMINO® is a reliable source of L-threonine, an essential amino acid that supports optimal protein synthesis and ensures a complete and balanced diet for companion animals. For more information on this product, please visit our ThreAMINO® product page.

Ecobiol® and GutCare®

Ecobiol® and GutCare® are functional feed additives that support a more balanced intestinal microbial population in companion animals. These probiotics can germinate and grow under intestinal conditions, withstand the acidic environment in the gut, and grow in the presence of bile. Moreover, GutCare® and Ecobiol® have demonstrated the inherent ability to support a healthy microbiota, making them effective solutions for pet food. Visit our Ecobiol® and GutCare® product pages to learn more about our gut health solutions.

Collaboration with industry associations on sustainability

At Evonik, we make it a priority to work with sustainable organizations to better provide for the needs of our customers and the demands of the market. As well as promoting the benefits of protein, we seek to establish globally consistent sustainability rules, and set metrics that are reliable and scientifically validated. Evonik fosters collaboration by creating opportunities for stakeholders along the entire value chain to come together, share insights, and work towards common sustainability goals, backed by science.

We have collaborations with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wirkstoffe in der Tierernährung (AWT), Deutsche Verband Tiernahrung (DVT), FEFANA, Global Feed Lifecycle Institute (GFLI), and the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF).

Read more about our sustainability impact, initiatives , and milestones on our Sustainability webpage.